Welcome to the Feb newsletter.

Once again thanks to the 9 members that attended this month’s meeting. Since the last instalment we have attended a number of games: more recently the away day at Swansea with Somerset Spurs which 15 of us attended. Thanks to Kev Payne for driving up to Bridgewater. We had 2 buses go up to the Everton game where Lisa and Kev Payne drove up (forget F1 – the drivers title is hotting up!)

Remaining Fixtures

Sunderland home Sat 5th April cat B – price £65 cut off 13th feb.

Fulham home Sat 19th April cat B – price £65 cut off 20th feb.

Aston Villa home Sun 11th May Cat B price £65 – cut off 20th feb. Do not delay with this one as they will be scarce.

We are possibly going to try and get Stoke away now where it appears THFC pay for our transport as a gesture for supporters clubs.(unless the team is involved in the uefa cup) see below (just being sarcastic)

Other news at NDSSC

The fantasy football is steaming along with possibly 3 potential winners…..
Hopefully another 5 a-side session will be in the mix soon……….
Hopefully also in the summer the club will staging a little knockabout at Chumleigh golf course. Bandits , shankers, all welcome – watch this space (if it ever stops raining)…
There will be no supporters club tournament in May (surprise surprise). The excuse was so poor I can’t even begin to tell you! Something to do with the team involved in the UEFA cup?????

Leaving times to White Hart Lane

Cardiff at home leaving at 7.30 both on the square at Barnstaple.

Drivers league table

1 Lisa 10 pts

1 Kev 10 pts (1point awarded for driving to the dark side of N.London)

3 Giles 3 pts

4 Butch 3 pts

5 Tim 0 pts

Next Meeting

Thursday 3rd April ko 8pm. ( We could be in the qtr finals of UEFA cup that night)….I mean we will be in the qtr finals of the UEFA cup so keep an eye on the website and i got 12/1 !!!

COYS- keep the faith – COYS

December 2012

“Taxi For Freund”

South London ,N.Devon ,Surrey now Reading exile fellow Spurs fan Andy Ford was on hand after the Fulham game to give Steffen Freund spurs asst, a lift to Heathrow to return to the Fatherland, only 35 miles out of his way but hey not everyday that happens eh!.NICE ONE.

Many thanks to the 10 members that attended this months meeting -thank you. Also big thanks to Lisa Smale for driving up to the Chelski game and for Tim Pudney for driving to the Spammers game.

We have applied to THFC for remaining Cat A games v Man Utd Sat Jan 20.. …..A*****L Sat March 12th…. Man City Sat April 20th……………
Which leaves us Fulham Sat March 16th Cat B Price £65 MONEY IN NO LATER THAN Fri 18th Jan.

Everton Sat April 6th Cat B Price £65 MONEY IN NO LATER THAN FRI 1st Feb

Southampton Sat May 4th Cat B Price £65 MONEY IN NO LATER THAN Fri 1st March.

Which leaves the last game of the season v Sunderland on Sun May 19th.Cat B Price £65 MONEY IN NO LATER THAN Fri 15th March.

Club Merchandise

We are in the process of placing an order for T-Shirts ,Hoodies ,Fleeces or polos please get in touch if you wish to order any of the above.

Xmas Drink

We are running out of time to organise anything this year but hope to do something in the new year.

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be on Thursday 7th of Feb 2013 at 8pm.

Merry xmas and a happy new year to all.


Welcome to the October newsletter many thanks to
the 13 members that attended – much appreciated.

Remaining Fixtures

  • Swansea Cat C £60 –
    Has now been moved to Sun 16th Dec Ko 1.30
    in no later than Mon 15th Oct.
  • W.Ham at
    Home Sun 25th Nov ko 4pm…any one interested
    please let Giles know A.S.A.P as tickets go on sale
    15th Oct price £70 Cat A……
  • Chelski at home ,we
    Will be leaving the square at Barnstaple at 6.30
    Sharp.Those attending that have not paid the price
    Is £70.…..

The fixtures haven’t been kind to us this
season ,with a lot of the games we would of liked
to have gone to unlikely due to xmas ,new year
…evening ko etc but we will not panic and carry on
regardless and get to as many games as members
want to attend.

Trophy fit for a King
THFC have been in touch and feel it is a great
Gesture by the club to present Ledders with a
Thank you trophy they will be in touch if we can
Present it personally .(Hope So).

Charity Bike Ride
Clint `Wiggers ` Rance founder member of this
Club will be cycling from London to Paris next
Year doing 340 miles in 4 Days for a great charity
in aid of Action Medical Research,saving the lives
Of sick children in this country please go to
www.action.org.uk/sponsor/clintrance or throw some dosh in his pocket when you see him.

We have at present 38 members in the club ,spread
the word if you think you know anyone interested in joining …more the merrier.

Next meeting
The next meeting will be on Dec 6th ko 8pm when
again we will be flexing our muscles in Europe
with the game being live at the Green Man.



Welcome back to the start of another season
many thanks to the 14 members that attended this
months meeting ……First on the agenda was to
sort out fixtures up till xmas.We have applied for
all the Cat A games via a ballot system we will see
how it pans out..Away games sorted are as follows
Southampton so far and further down the road
Swansea via a fishing Boat out of Ilfracombe..
You couldn’t make this up eh the things we will do
to get to a game !!!!(Kevin Payne To investigate)

Fixtures 2012/2013

  • Aston villa with Somerset Spurs Sun 7th Oct
    please let Giles know ASAP if you wish to go.
  • Wigan at Home Sat 3rd Nov ko 3pm Cat C price
    £60 TO BE PAID NO LATER THAN Mon 27th
  • Swansea at Home Sat 15th Dec ko 3pm Cat C
    price £60 TO BE PAID NO LATER THAN Mon
    15th Oct.
  • Stoke at Home Sat 22nd Dec ko 3pm Cat C price
    £60 TO BE PAID NO LATER THAN Mon 29th

North Devon Spurs first game will be v AstonVilla
If you would like to play please let Jamie know

The club has donated £250 to Ilfracombe Youth
FC …which has gone on various items to help the
club we will be getting some photos done in the
near future.

Trophy fit for a KING
The club has decided to present a trophy to Ledley
King upon his retirement with hopefully some of
our members present to give this great man
acknowledgement of his time with Spurs..Even if
THFC don’t allow us to present it to him we will
still go ahead with the idea…Steve Bennett is
looking in to Dartington Crystal making the

Please get your membership forms back if you
still wish to belong to the club…there will be no
more reminders after this newsletter.

Next meeting
The next meeting will be Thursday 4th Oct ..When
on the night we are due to play a UEFA cup
game we will squeeze the meeting in and watch
the game look forward to seeing you there.

AGM 2012

Many thanks first of all to the 13 Members that
attended the AGM .. There are no changes to the
running of the club with the above as the same
Andrew Wooff and Lisa Smale were elected as
Committee Members.

Items Discussed

  1. Membership will stay as the same £10 for Adults
    and £15 for Family Membership which will be 1
    Adult and as many children as required under the age of 16 per household.
  2. Prices will remain the same for attending games
    as last season Cat A £70-Cat B £65-Cat C £60.
  3. The club is in the position to make a donation
    this year ,and it was decided that Ilfracombe FC
    under 10”s will be donated a sum of money for kit
    Etc (Kevin and Wooffy to find out more).

Supporters clubs
The club have received a letter from THFC
incorporating changes to supporters clubs via
feed back from clubs with the most important
Being hopefully better access to Cat A games via a
ballot ..more news to follow….Also a supporters
club network ….also an opportunity to
Obtain merchandise for your club….Invitation to
exclusive supporters club events.More news as it
all unfolds!!!!

5-a-side football
We have been asked if we would like to join a 5
A side lge competing against other supporters
clubs with games to be played at Park School on
Friday evenings,prior to the start of the season if
you are interested please let me know or Jamie
Ford ASAP as we need to submit a team quickly.

As of now no fixtures are out yet (Mon 18th June)
When they are published we will discuss at the
next meeting what games to attend ,but keep an
eye out on our site www.northdevonspursclub.net
Via the face book link as we will try and do some
Of the early Fixtures.

Next Meeting
Thursday August 2nd ko 8pm
Please attend and show your support



Welcome back to the April news letter..many thanks to the 11 members that attended.There was a few items to discuss one being the remaining games v Blackburn on Sun 29th April ko 4pm where we have a full bus going up…. thanks to Clive for driving ,we will have 2 pick up points first at Bideford at 7.45 and for Barnstaple at 8am and for the last home game v Fulham on Sun 13 May ko 3pm where we will have 2 Buses going up again thanks to Tim and Butch for driving we will be leaving the square at Barnstaple at 7.30am…….FA Cup Semi Final v Chelski where 134 Loyalty points were required for tickets ….only 7 of us were lucky enough to get them…..VILLA AWAY….. in the unlikely event of Chelski beating us we will be trying to get tickets PLEASE let Giles know if you are interested no later than 19th of APRIL.

Thanks to Kevin Payne and Tim Pudney for driving up to the Swansea game.

AGM 2012
The next meeting will be on Thursday 7thof June ko 8pm For the annual meeting of the year to decide Chairman ,Secretary and Treasurer, any one that fancies one of these posts please feel free to apply.This is a big meeting of the year so please try and attend.

THFC have been in touch and would like our votes for the following categories to be in no later than April 29th:

  • PLAYER OF THE YEAR (ie Scotty Parker)
  • GOAL OF THE SEASON (Modric v Liverpool)

You can either go on the website at www.northdevonspursclub.gb.net and click on the face book link or post it in or text to me or Giles.



Welcome back to the february news letter..many thanks to the 13 members that attended despite the cold weather .We have sorted out 3 more games to attend see list below.The next game the club will be attending will be at home to Swansea on Sunday April 1st (no joking) ko 4pm where we have 28 people wanting to attend ,if you have not paid yet please get your money to Giles asap….We will be leaving Barnstaple Square at 7.30 in 2 vehicles if any one fancies driving 1 mini bus please let Giles know (£30) for your trouble.

Stoke at home
For members that have got tickets for the game v stoke it looks like it will not take place at the original date due to that weekend being FA cup qtr finals.

Games to attend

  • Norwich Mon 9th April ko 3pm cat B £65 MONEY IN BY NO LATER WED 15FEB.
  • Blackburn Sat 28th April ko 3pm cat B £65 MONEY IN BY NO LATER WED 29th FEB.
  • Fulham Sun 13th May ko 3pm cat B £65 MONEY IN BY NO LATER THUR 1st March.


News in brief
Thanks to Wayne for driving up to the Wolves game..Also Gary for driving up to Manchester City (and sat nav Tom)….Another order for Merchandise is going in..also hoping to obtain some Spurs Supporters Club badges …The xmas drinks went very well with £155 spent and watching Spurs beat Norwich 0-2.

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be on Thursday April 5th ko 8pm

December 2011 Newsletter


Welcome to the December newsletter ,where the remainder of the fixtures have been sorted with cut off points and prices etc…Also discussed was the plans for the xmas drinks night out ,which will now take place on December 27 at the Tavern in Barnstaple where we can watch the away game v Norwich City ko 7.30.

Other items discussed

Tickets for Everton are to be returned now that the date has been rescheduled …….Man City away, we have 10 members hoping to go tickets allowing………..The next 2 games the club are going to are Sunderland at home on Sun Dec 18th ko 3pm we will be leaving the square at 7.30 am………and Wolves at home on Sat 14th January ko 3pm again leaving at 7.30 am thanks to Clive and Wayne for driving for these games.

Match report

WBA v The Mighty Spurs

Only 3 of us managed to get tickets for this game due to the staggering amount of 190 loyalty points required
We set off at the staggering time of 9.30(god I wish Tottenham was in the Midlands) We sped along faster than Gareth Bale at times and was in a pub by about 12.30 ish with every gambling mans dream with a bloody William Hills bookies in the car park and the racing channel on in the pub. After a couple of pints and something to eat it was off to the next junction to park the car up…where for those of you that have been to wba would of witnessed the craziest parking ever seen where anything went to parking in the central
reservation… to the roundabout !!! A good turn out again from the travelling spurs fans where the first half was best forgotten apart from when we all held our breath when the pen was awarded and adebayor did his best to carry on with our tradition of missing them (vdv excluded ) but got the rebound -HT- The second half was a lot better where in the last 25 mins we was all over it and Defoes goal was a cracker (xmas Joke )and the third was the icing on the cake there was no coming back for the Boing Boing brigade ..it was a yiddio jig in the stands from us and 3 points in the bag and sitting pretty in 3rd spot …nice run home and back home at 8.30.

Games to attend

  • Stoke City at Home Sat March 17th KO 3pm Cat C Price £60 Money in by Fri 27th January.
  • Fulham at Home Sun13th May KO 3pm Cat B Price £65 Money in by Fri March 30th.

Next Meeting

Many thanks to the 13 members that attended this months meeting ..Apologies for my absence due to a free bar available at work it would have been rude to say no ..Many thanks to Wayne for standing in and doing the scribbling ..The next meeting will be on Thursday February 2nd 2012 ko 8pm.

Get well Tel

Last but not least a speedy recovery to Member Terry Hill who has not been too well …all the best mate.



October Newsletter

Welcome back to the October news letter ,where at
present the club has 42 members with a hand full that
haven’t yet done there Membership yet so we are still
holding our own which is good …We now have a new
club flag which hopefully will be taken to the away
game to Blackburn where 10 of us will be travelling up
with Bridgewater Spurs….So far we have attended 2
games v Liverpool and A*****L in small numbers due
to being both Cat A games and tickets being hard to
get….We have 15 members attending the QPR game
where we will be leaving Barnstaple square at 8am
Thanks to Tim for driving.

Club Merchandise
I am in the process of putting in another order so if you
require Polos,T-shirts,Fleeces and now Sweat shirts and
Hoodies please let me know.

Club Funds
We have at present £664 in the club funds.

Xmas Do
We will this year hopefully be having a xmas drink
(weather permitting) with a nice sum of £180 to take
out for a few lemonades the venue and date will be
arranged at the next meeting.

In future newsletters will be sent via email for those
that have access, other than that it will be done via
good old royal mail ,if you have a preference please let me know.

Once again I am asking Members to use our website
which is up and running ….it recently closed down due
to lack of use so please get on there and make use of it
At www.northdevonspursclub.gb.net we are now linked
up to Facebook so there is no need to register like
Before ,just get on there and talk SPURS.

Games to attend

  • WBA Cat B – Away-Sat 26 Nov ko 3 pm PRICE £65 ? MONEY IN BY NO LATER THAN TUE 11th Oct.
  • SUNDERLAND Cat B – Home-Sun 18 Dec ko 3pm PRICE £65 MONEY IN NO LATER THAN TUE 11th Oct.
  • WOLVES Cat C Home-Sat 14th January ko 3pm
  • Remainder of games to be sorted out at December meeting.

All Cheques Made out to North Devon Spurs Supporters Club and sent to Giles.

Other News
Next Meeting – Many thanks to the 15 members that attended the meeting this month…the next meeting will be on THURSDAY 1st DEC ….The venue will be the same but the Chichester Arms will be known now as the Green Man.


Season 2011-2012 Awaits With or Without Modric.!!!

Welcome back for a new season with North Devon Spurs……Welcome to the new members that have joined up…. Please get your forms back as soon as possible so that you get all the info you need……listed below are the games that the club intend to go to ….For the benefit of new members this is how it works Cat A games we have to get our own tickets via the website or the phone Cat B and Cat C the supporters club can get them .

Games To Attend

  • Liverpool Cat A -Home- Sun18 Sep ko 1.30 on sky sports. Tickets go on sale -Bronze Mon 8th Aug-Lilywhite Tue 9th Aug.
  • A*****L Cat A- Home- Sun2nd Oct ko 4pm on sky sports. Tickets go on sale Bronze Mon 22Aug-Lilywhite Tue 23rd Aug.
  • QPR Cat B -Home-Sun30th Oct ko 4pm on sky sports ..PRICE £65 MONEY IN BY NO LATER THAN TUE 23 AUG.
  • WBA Cat B ? Away-Sat 26 Nov ko 3 pm PRICE £65 ? MONEY IN BY NO LATER THAN TUE 11th Oct.
  • SUNDERLAND Cat B Home-Sun 18 Dec ko 3pm PRICE £65 MONEY IN NO LATER THAN TUE 11th Oct .
  • WOLVES Cat C Home-Sat 14th January ko 3pm
  • Remainder of games to be sorted out at December meeting.

All Cheques Made out to North Devon Spurs Supporters Club and sent to Giles.

Other News
Bridgewater Spurs have kindly invited us to jump on there bus for games when we are short on people to attend games,it helps them fill the coach
and gets us to the game ,Ideal !

The Supporters club has now got the title of being a Satellite Club ,which translated in English means compared to last season we can order any amount of tickets for Cat B or C small or large where as last season we had to have at least 10 people going to get tickets.Which is where the Bridgewater Spurs offer comes handy.Bridgewater Spurs have also asked if we wish to attend the away games against Wigan on Sat 24th Sept and Blackburn on Sat Oct 22nd with them please let Giles know as soon as possible if you are intrested so we can get a idea of numbers.

Other Info
We are in the process of purchasing a new supporters club flag 6ft x3ft which we can take to a few games this season.

Membership Forms

First Game
9 members are attending the Everton game we will be leaving the square at Barnstaple at 7.30 where our chairman will be driving -thank you Giles.

Next Meeting