December 2012

“Taxi For Freund”

South London ,N.Devon ,Surrey now Reading exile fellow Spurs fan Andy Ford was on hand after the Fulham game to give Steffen Freund spurs asst, a lift to Heathrow to return to the Fatherland, only 35 miles out of his way but hey not everyday that happens eh!.NICE ONE.

Many thanks to the 10 members that attended this months meeting -thank you. Also big thanks to Lisa Smale for driving up to the Chelski game and for Tim Pudney for driving to the Spammers game.

We have applied to THFC for remaining Cat A games v Man Utd Sat Jan 20.. …..A*****L Sat March 12th…. Man City Sat April 20th……………
Which leaves us Fulham Sat March 16th Cat B Price £65 MONEY IN NO LATER THAN Fri 18th Jan.

Everton Sat April 6th Cat B Price £65 MONEY IN NO LATER THAN FRI 1st Feb

Southampton Sat May 4th Cat B Price £65 MONEY IN NO LATER THAN Fri 1st March.

Which leaves the last game of the season v Sunderland on Sun May 19th.Cat B Price £65 MONEY IN NO LATER THAN Fri 15th March.

Club Merchandise

We are in the process of placing an order for T-Shirts ,Hoodies ,Fleeces or polos please get in touch if you wish to order any of the above.

Xmas Drink

We are running out of time to organise anything this year but hope to do something in the new year.

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be on Thursday 7th of Feb 2013 at 8pm.

Merry xmas and a happy new year to all.