Welcome to the Feb newsletter.

Once again thanks to the 9 members that attended this month’s meeting. Since the last instalment we have attended a number of games: more recently the away day at Swansea with Somerset Spurs which 15 of us attended. Thanks to Kev Payne for driving up to Bridgewater. We had 2 buses go up to the Everton game where Lisa and Kev Payne drove up (forget F1 – the drivers title is hotting up!)

Remaining Fixtures

Sunderland home Sat 5th April cat B – price £65 cut off 13th feb.

Fulham home Sat 19th April cat B – price £65 cut off 20th feb.

Aston Villa home Sun 11th May Cat B price £65 – cut off 20th feb. Do not delay with this one as they will be scarce.

We are possibly going to try and get Stoke away now where it appears THFC pay for our transport as a gesture for supporters clubs.(unless the team is involved in the uefa cup) see below (just being sarcastic)

Other news at NDSSC

The fantasy football is steaming along with possibly 3 potential winners…..
Hopefully another 5 a-side session will be in the mix soon……….
Hopefully also in the summer the club will staging a little knockabout at Chumleigh golf course. Bandits , shankers, all welcome – watch this space (if it ever stops raining)…
There will be no supporters club tournament in May (surprise surprise). The excuse was so poor I can’t even begin to tell you! Something to do with the team involved in the UEFA cup?????

Leaving times to White Hart Lane

Cardiff at home leaving at 7.30 both on the square at Barnstaple.

Drivers league table

1 Lisa 10 pts

1 Kev 10 pts (1point awarded for driving to the dark side of N.London)

3 Giles 3 pts

4 Butch 3 pts

5 Tim 0 pts

Next Meeting

Thursday 3rd April ko 8pm. ( We could be in the qtr finals of UEFA cup that night)….I mean we will be in the qtr finals of the UEFA cup so keep an eye on the website and i got 12/1 !!!

COYS- keep the faith – COYS