Welcome back to the start of another season
many thanks to the 14 members that attended this
months meeting ……First on the agenda was to
sort out fixtures up till xmas.We have applied for
all the Cat A games via a ballot system we will see
how it pans out..Away games sorted are as follows
Southampton so far and further down the road
Swansea via a fishing Boat out of Ilfracombe..
You couldn’t make this up eh the things we will do
to get to a game !!!!(Kevin Payne To investigate)

Fixtures 2012/2013

  • Aston villa with Somerset Spurs Sun 7th Oct
    please let Giles know ASAP if you wish to go.
  • Wigan at Home Sat 3rd Nov ko 3pm Cat C price
    £60 TO BE PAID NO LATER THAN Mon 27th
  • Swansea at Home Sat 15th Dec ko 3pm Cat C
    price £60 TO BE PAID NO LATER THAN Mon
    15th Oct.
  • Stoke at Home Sat 22nd Dec ko 3pm Cat C price
    £60 TO BE PAID NO LATER THAN Mon 29th

North Devon Spurs first game will be v AstonVilla
If you would like to play please let Jamie know

The club has donated £250 to Ilfracombe Youth
FC …which has gone on various items to help the
club we will be getting some photos done in the
near future.

Trophy fit for a KING
The club has decided to present a trophy to Ledley
King upon his retirement with hopefully some of
our members present to give this great man
acknowledgement of his time with Spurs..Even if
THFC don’t allow us to present it to him we will
still go ahead with the idea…Steve Bennett is
looking in to Dartington Crystal making the

Please get your membership forms back if you
still wish to belong to the club…there will be no
more reminders after this newsletter.

Next meeting
The next meeting will be Thursday 4th Oct ..When
on the night we are due to play a UEFA cup
game we will squeeze the meeting in and watch
the game look forward to seeing you there.