April 2013 – Amsterdam calling….?

Many thanks to the 14 members that attended this months meeting and to watch the Basel game-and also for the season.

We had 9 members that attended the Everton game ……we also have a bus load for the Southampton game which will be leaving the Square in Barnstaple at 7.30 am and for the last game of the season we have 2 bus loads for the Sunderland game where we will be leaving at 7.30 am – both 3pm ko to date. 1 bus could be going up a day early to attend the Supporters club awards (see below)


We have been in touch with THFC with regards of presenting our trophy to the man and our only chance is if Ledley attends to do a Q&A session at the Supporters club awards (venue unknown yet) then we will be allowed to present him personally at the awards which will be a good buzz…so going back to the previous chapter if this is the case then 1 bus for the Sunderland game will be going up a day early and staying overnight so if you fancy this please let me know …at this moment we have 11 people interested.

As soon as I hear back from THFC we will get the ball rolling but if you commit to it please realise you are paying for somewhere to stay the night and to attend the awards where there will be at least 3 or 4 first team players in attendance ..having attended one before don’t expect to have photos done and get autographs as they tend to cut and run once the awards are done. It is still a good experience though .


The next meeting on Thursday June 6th will be the yearly meeting where the committee will be decided for the coming year. If anybody fancies any of the positions please feel free to stick your hand up-going to the Dentist is worst (honest).

And on a final note thanks to:-
all the members that have driven up to the Lane this season ..
Steve Bennett for sorting out the Ledley King trophy ..
Giles for the running of the club and sitting on his computer getting tickets for other members when it was needed..
Kevin Salter and son for sorting the Website out..
Gazza Paine for being Gazza Paine ..

New membership forms will be available in the next newsletter (and you will also be able to apply online via the website). Please get your forms and money back ASAP so we are not asking for tickets before your memberships are sorted out…..

See you next season oh and COME ON YOU SPURS.