April 2014 Newsletter

Welcome one and all as the season nearly comes to the end (some might say not quick enough!) we have had more ups and downs than Guy’s Ladbrokes account ……Thank you to the 11 members that attended this month’s meeting.

Not a great deal to discuss as all remaining games are as good as sorted. If you owe for the Villa game please get your money in ASAP…£65……..

Thank you to everybody that has helped the club out this season i.e. driving the bus , dealing with the web site , sitting on the computer getting tickets screaming at that bloody circle while you wait in the queue(!),getting the beers in or the coffee – well done and thanks.

News from North Devon Spurs

We will be taking 2 buses up to the Aston Villa game. Thanks to Lisa and Kevin for driving and will be leaving at 7 am sharp…..
Still in the pipeline is Stoke away we have 15 tickets. If you have applied for one can you get your £40 in ASAP as Giles has stuck these on his credit card …THFC have said they will pay for the transport and fuel….

Club merchandise-we are in the process of placing another order so let me know what you want – T.shirts..fleeces..Hoodies (Green are popular eh kev)

A.G.M Thursday 5th June 2014

The big one of the year people where we will be electing or re-electing Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. Please try and attend as we need some input and ideas to keep the club going. We have a healthy membership of 67 and want to keep it rising… also a total up of the club funds.

On the night we will be awarding our Oscars to the Mini bus driver or drivers of the year and the winner of our North Devon Spurs Telegraph Fantasy Football which has been well supported.