October Newsletter

Welcome back to the October news letter ,where at
present the club has 42 members with a hand full that
haven’t yet done there Membership yet so we are still
holding our own which is good …We now have a new
club flag which hopefully will be taken to the away
game to Blackburn where 10 of us will be travelling up
with Bridgewater Spurs….So far we have attended 2
games v Liverpool and A*****L in small numbers due
to being both Cat A games and tickets being hard to
get….We have 15 members attending the QPR game
where we will be leaving Barnstaple square at 8am
Thanks to Tim for driving.

Club Merchandise
I am in the process of putting in another order so if you
require Polos,T-shirts,Fleeces and now Sweat shirts and
Hoodies please let me know.

Club Funds
We have at present £664 in the club funds.

Xmas Do
We will this year hopefully be having a xmas drink
(weather permitting) with a nice sum of £180 to take
out for a few lemonades the venue and date will be
arranged at the next meeting.

In future newsletters will be sent via email for those
that have access, other than that it will be done via
good old royal mail ,if you have a preference please let me know.

Once again I am asking Members to use our website
which is up and running ….it recently closed down due
to lack of use so please get on there and make use of it
At www.northdevonspursclub.gb.net we are now linked
up to Facebook so there is no need to register like
Before ,just get on there and talk SPURS.

Games to attend

  • WBA Cat B – Away-Sat 26 Nov ko 3 pm PRICE £65 ? MONEY IN BY NO LATER THAN TUE 11th Oct.
  • SUNDERLAND Cat B – Home-Sun 18 Dec ko 3pm PRICE £65 MONEY IN NO LATER THAN TUE 11th Oct.
  • WOLVES Cat C Home-Sat 14th January ko 3pm
  • Remainder of games to be sorted out at December meeting.

All Cheques Made out to North Devon Spurs Supporters Club and sent to Giles.

Other News
Next Meeting – Many thanks to the 15 members that attended the meeting this month…the next meeting will be on THURSDAY 1st DEC ….The venue will be the same but the Chichester Arms will be known now as the Green Man.