December 2011 Newsletter


Welcome to the December newsletter ,where the remainder of the fixtures have been sorted with cut off points and prices etc…Also discussed was the plans for the xmas drinks night out ,which will now take place on December 27 at the Tavern in Barnstaple where we can watch the away game v Norwich City ko 7.30.

Other items discussed

Tickets for Everton are to be returned now that the date has been rescheduled …….Man City away, we have 10 members hoping to go tickets allowing………..The next 2 games the club are going to are Sunderland at home on Sun Dec 18th ko 3pm we will be leaving the square at 7.30 am………and Wolves at home on Sat 14th January ko 3pm again leaving at 7.30 am thanks to Clive and Wayne for driving for these games.

Match report

WBA v The Mighty Spurs

Only 3 of us managed to get tickets for this game due to the staggering amount of 190 loyalty points required
We set off at the staggering time of 9.30(god I wish Tottenham was in the Midlands) We sped along faster than Gareth Bale at times and was in a pub by about 12.30 ish with every gambling mans dream with a bloody William Hills bookies in the car park and the racing channel on in the pub. After a couple of pints and something to eat it was off to the next junction to park the car up…where for those of you that have been to wba would of witnessed the craziest parking ever seen where anything went to parking in the central
reservation… to the roundabout !!! A good turn out again from the travelling spurs fans where the first half was best forgotten apart from when we all held our breath when the pen was awarded and adebayor did his best to carry on with our tradition of missing them (vdv excluded ) but got the rebound -HT- The second half was a lot better where in the last 25 mins we was all over it and Defoes goal was a cracker (xmas Joke )and the third was the icing on the cake there was no coming back for the Boing Boing brigade was a yiddio jig in the stands from us and 3 points in the bag and sitting pretty in 3rd spot …nice run home and back home at 8.30.

Games to attend

  • Stoke City at Home Sat March 17th KO 3pm Cat C Price £60 Money in by Fri 27th January.
  • Fulham at Home Sun13th May KO 3pm Cat B Price £65 Money in by Fri March 30th.

Next Meeting

Many thanks to the 13 members that attended this months meeting ..Apologies for my absence due to a free bar available at work it would have been rude to say no ..Many thanks to Wayne for standing in and doing the scribbling ..The next meeting will be on Thursday February 2nd 2012 ko 8pm.

Get well Tel

Last but not least a speedy recovery to Member Terry Hill who has not been too well …all the best mate.