Minutes of AGM held 7 June 2018 at The Green Man, Pilton, Barnstaple

Some 20 or so members attended. Apologies were received from 4 members.

2017/18 – there was probably at least one North Devon Spurs Member at every home game and
also at many away games (and abroad). We saw some great games at Wembley (and a few not so
good) but we now look forward to returning to “The Lane”. Numbers are not known, but we think
most season ticket holders renewed for 2018/19.
Finance – the finances are very depleted – membership brought in £670 to add to the opening
balance of £1142. Only a couple of expenses were incurred not related to matches – a branch fee of
£50 and a parking ticket of £25 (for taking up two spaces in Bridgwater and paying for one).
However, the biggest expense was the subsidy of games – so £1679.26 came out of club funds,
leaving just £207.72 available. There were many reasons why this arose.
Discussion ensued, and it was made patently clear that this level of subsidy cannot continue.
Therefore, changes going forward for 2018/19 were proposed and accepted.
North Devon Spurs Membership fees were increased to: Adult Membership £15 – Family
Membership is for any number of children with a Junior Spurs membership for the new season and 1
adult – £20. If you have paid the same amount as last year, please send the balance to Gary.
Other changes
Tickets – in the past the club set a fixed price for both the ticket and travel, the price depending on
the Category level of the game. (Sometimes, people had tickets that actually cost more than the
fixed price). Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to do this. Therefore, if you order a ticket that
Giles has to obtain, you will have to pay the face value of that ticket.
If you book to travel on the bus, you will have to pay whether you actually travel or back out nearer
the time. Bus fares also need to be paid in advance direct to the club bank account at least two
weeks before match day (or sent by post to the Treasurer). There is no longer an option to pay “on
the day”. You will be advised of the cost via Facebook/email (see below).
(Note the club bank account is sort code 40-44-23 account number 01387383).
Junior members (those with a Junior Spurs membership) pay a £10 contribution to transport (was
previously free).
Away games – unless specifically organised, those members that make their own arrangements to
hire a bus, obtain tickets etc do so off of their own back, and should be financed by themselves.
None of the financial aspects should pass through the North Devon Spurs account.
We hope these moves put and keep the club finances on an even keel going forward.
As last time, if a member sells their ticket to someone else, and the purchaser wants to travel with
the North Devon Spurs, they must join up and pay the appropriate membership fee.
Club Officers 2018/19

There were no changes
• Chairman – Giles Stacey
• Club Secretary – Kevin Salter
• Membership Secretary/Treasurer – Gary Paine
• Other committee members – Jamie Ford, Lisa Ford, Guy Cable
As excitement builds with the new stadium looking more and more impressive each day, we
await the release of the fixture list. The first home game may still be delayed from the official
fixtures list ….we just have to wait and see.
It is hoped that the club will do a similar Champions League “package” to that in 2017/18.
Lots of comments were made about travel with Somerset Spurs, and the consensus was to try
and attend as many matches (Champions League and Premier League) via our own methods
rather than jump on at Bridgwater.
A letter had been received from Brad Cars in Bradworthy, with prices for 8 /16 seater
transport – this would be considered.
Fantasy Football – Andrew Bawden won for the 2nd year running, and his prize this year is
free North Devon Spurs club membership for 2018/19.
Any other business
Gary asked that ALL members complete new membership forms again this year. There are
new membership forms which you can download them from the links below.
PDF Version
Word Version
Please complete them clearly – please PRINT email addresses (IF you download the Word version
you can complete them in Word.
Facebook- whilst used extensively for organisation in 2017/18, email would also be used again in
2018/19 to also help keep members informed. Sorry-it will not be possible to post regular items to
the very few members for whom we do not have an email address.
Charity football match – a very good and enjoyable event. It is hoped to arrange matches against
other local supporters clubs (perhaps of other league teams e.g. Plymouth Argyle) in the future.
Drivers – offers to drive the minibus to games would be appreciated. This could be a shared drive –
e.g. one person drives up, another drives back – or a 50:50 up and back share.
Facebook – the supporters club does advise to take care when posting anything into the public

A request was made to please ensure you take all rubbish with you when leaving the transport. The
drivers are there to drive it, not act as unpaid cleaners before returning the minibus to the depot.