Annual General Meeting 2017

The AGM of the Supporters Club was held on Thursday 6 July 2017 at The Green Man, Pilton, Barnstaple – at 8pm.

Giles presented a review of the 2016/17 season and a summary of the financial follows:-

Opening funds 1381.08 Branch fee 50.00
Memberships 520.00 Speeding fine 85.00
Web site 19.18
Fantasy football trophy 10.00
Deficit on travel to games 594.90
Closing funds 1142.00
1901.08 1901.08

It was recommended that no charity donations be made this year.

Election of Club Officers for the 2017/18 season – all officers contnue in their post, there being no other nominations

  • Chairman – Giles Stacey
  • Club Secretary – Kevin Salter
  • Membership Secretary – Gary Paine
  • Treasurer – Gary Paine
  • Other committee members – Guy Cable, Lisa Ford,  Jamie Ford

A discussion ensued regarding 2017/18 tickeitng and pricing. In the past it was necessary to book through the club a minimum of 4 tickets. However, just one ticket can be booked this coming season. Category A games may result in a ballot for tickets though.

Around 20 members have obtained season tickets for 2017/18 so many will pay on a “transport only” basis this season. This has been £25 from North Devon, £20 from Tiverton. It is therefore possible that many more members will be looking to attend matches this year so two minibuses per match may be required. A 29 seater coach is another possibility which would cost around £700.

Ticket prices for ad hoc matches have not been announced by the club yet so it is not possible to decide on pricing at this stage.

Bearing in mind the deficit in 2016/17, pricing needs to be carefully considered in 2017/18. However, the club decided to continue with the policy that under 16s (as a 1/8/2017) travel free for the 2017/18 season.

A speeding fine was incurred towards the end of the season by a driver. A discussion ensued with varied opinions at both ends of the spectrum as to whether the club should meet any future such fines. It was agreed that the driver involved be reimbursed this time, but the general consensus was that the club would be unlikely to meet any such liabilities in the future.

Guy Cable ([email protected]) notes that club t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts etc can be obtained at very reasonable prices. Any requests direct to Guy please.

Membership of the club – there were often disappointed members last year who wanted to go to matches but were unable to obtain tickets, and there were instances where members had tickets that were passed on to friends and acquaintances. Whilst tickets should not be such an issue this coming season, club members are requested to offer thier unused tickets to other club members first before passing on to others or selling seaon tickets back to Spurs. This can be done by letting Gile know of availability or posting in the Facebook group.

Where non-members do obtain tickets and want to travel up with the club, they will be required to pay a one off £10 joining fee to be a North Devon Spurs member.

There were isolated instances of funds not being paid on the day for travel/tickets and indeed there is still £10 outstanding from last year from one member. All funds due for a match should either be paid in advance direct to the club bank account or paid on the upward leg of the travel so that everything is paid before arriving at the ground.

Last year there was a Champions League ticket package – three group matches at a discounted price – and many expressed an interest in purchasing such a package again if offered this season. No further details are available at this time.

Fantasy Football – 2016/17 winner was Andrew Bawden. Guy Cable will orgainse this again for 2017/18. Further details will appear in the Facebook Group. No entry fee….no Arsenal players allowed at any time in the team….all teams to be publicly available for viewing.

Any Other Business – nothing arose under this item.


Not part of the agm -there is talk of a Spurs legends evening – possibly in Ilfracombe – with Graham Roberts and Micky Hazard – if anyone is possibly interested please email Guy (details above). There is no commitment at this stage.