Minutes of May 2015 meeting

Just 6 members turned up for the meeting – the usual familiar faces!

The season in review – Giles reported that, whilst the season from a football perspective had seen its highs and lows, the Supporters Club appeared to have had a good year, with members going to many matches, both home and away, as well as a trip to Wembley and international travel to Italy and Wales!

Committee – there had been no nominations for any of the offices in the club. Those present unanimously re-elected Giles Stacey as chairman (who was willing to carry on fortunately!), Kevin Salter as Club Secretary and Gary Paine as Membership Secretary. Other committee members remain as before – Andrew Wooff, Lisa Smale and Guy Cable.

Remaining Matches – there are still matches left where members are attending. Those travelling to the Hull game – the minibus leaves Barnstaple Square at 8 a.m. Cost is £60 for those yet to pay. For those attending Everton away, the price is £65.

Finances – it was not possible to present a detailed financial report as there are still ongoing transactions in respect of the remaining matches. However it was reported that there were not too many games on which a “loss” was made, and even some of the Category A games showed surpluses – probably due to more travelling on the minibuses which covered the costs. It is estimated that around £1200-£1400 should be in hand at the end of the season.

This season has seen quite a few instances of tickets being ordered but then cancelled, sometimes at short notice. This could be by way of illness etc which cannot be foreseen. Members must therefore be fully aware that if they order a ticket, they are responsible for paying for that ticket, whether or not they use it. Fortunately, it has been possible to find takers for these tickets this year. Members should also however be aware that it is not down to the chairman to try to find a buyer for these surplus tickets! The penalty for non-payment is that no more tickets will be ordered!

Application of Funds – A reserve of funds is required as it is sometimes necessary to pay upfront for tickets, buses etc. However, the following was agreed:-

For the forthcoming season 2015/16, club members under 16 will not be required to contribute towards bus transport i.e. all they need to pay for is the match ticket.

Donations of footballs were agreed to both Ilfracombe Youth Football Club and Torridgeside Football Club. This was estimated to be around £50 to each club. They will be asked to purchase the balls and the club will then reimburse them.

It was also decided that for 1 match next season the transport would be provided free for all those travelling. It is not possible at this stage to know when this might be – the fixtures don’t come out until mid-June.

Subscriptions and membership forms– club subscriptions are once again due. These remain the same again – £10 for an adult member and £15 for a family membership – 1 adult and any number of children under 16 (as at 1 June 2015).

To tie in with Tottenham membership, the due date for renewals is set as 1 June.

Payment can be made in a variety of ways.

By cheque – payable to North Devon Spurs Supporters Club. Post to Gary Paine – 2 Hamilton Close, Bideford, EX39 3DS.

By direct transfer to the club bank account – sort code 404423 account number 01387383

Please ensure your name is clearly shown.

New for this year – by direct debit. Many pay the Tottenham membership by direct debit – just set it up and it is done each year, and it is now possible to do this for your NDSSC membership. Simply go to http://bit.ly/NDSSC15 (family member) or http://bit.ly/NDSSC10 (adult member) and enter your bank details. The payment will be taken on 1st of the month and annually thereafter, but you can of course cancel it at any time.

Member forms – we are not looking for existing members to complete membership application forms this year, but we would ask you to do so if there are any changes to your details e.g. address, telephone, email etc. You can download a form (or direct any prospective new members) to download) from the website https://www.northdevonspursclub.co.uk.

2015/16 Season Unless Tottenham increase match day prices, it is the intention that the costs for a trip remain the same as this year i.e. Category A – £70, Category B – £65, Category C – £60.

Next Meeting – this will be the first opportunity to sort out games for the new season so please try to come along. The meeting is the second Thursday in July – July 9th – (and not July 2nd as was announced at the meeting).