2014 AGM – June 2014

Welcome to the June newsletter and thanks to the 12 members that attended the AGM meeting …

First as usual was the re-election of the committee where Giles Stacey will carry on as Chairman…Kevin Salter will now be Secretary and will be will be doing the Newsletter …Gary Paine will continue as Treasurer and will be taking care of the Memberships.


1. If you have an email address your next newsletter will be via that format. This will save considerable costs in stationery and postage.

2.The next meeting will be on Thursday August 7th to discuss fixtures…..then after that meetings will be every 3 months instead of every 2.

3.Prices will stay the same for North Devon Spurs membership £10 – and £15 for the the Family deal. Prices for transport and tickets will at present stay the same unless Spurs increase their ticket prices and there may be a change.

4.We are expecting to lose some members due to a possible Cornwall supporters club being set up.

5. Due to the Newsletters being done via email we hope more people will use our website and the Facebook link where you will find the latest Newsletter ..info about pick up times for games …spare tickets…and any games we decide to do at the last minute which are not down as selected.

6. A donation of £50 was given to Ilfracombe under 12 fc and £500 was set a side to subsidise for a possible away trip (home or abroad).


There will be a little knock about for members on Sun July 6th Tee Time is 12.00 …prices for 18 holes is £10 ..clubs are available for hire.

See you for next season -keep the faith- COYS

please download a NDSSC membership form and complete asap.