AGM 2011

Welcome back ….on the agenda was our Annual meeting of the year to form the committee for the year ahead ,and to discuss other items….the committee will be as the previous year…..names and contact numbers as above .

  1. Membership will be same as last year with £10 covering family members as well.
  2. Club Funds-We have at present £ 555.49 at the end of the clubs financial year.
  3. Website- The new website is up and running and can be found here please apply to join by following the instructions for the Message Board, Gallery and other items ,please join as it was set up to be used by the clubs members.There will be items posted on there in the coming season regarding games so it is worth signing up.
  4. The Clubs official PoloShirts,T-Shirts and Fleeces
    have been a great success.Please get in touch if you wish to place an order.
  5. Player of the Year- ……We were invited to go up to the actual awards at the clubs training ground the day before the Birmingham game ,but once again it was all to late to organise any thing…hopefully another time may be.
  6. Due to the increase in fuel and transport the club has had to increase each category of game by £5.
  7. In future any one that drives the mini bus up to the game will have there ticket paid for and will only have to contribute to the hire and fuel costs.
  8. There will be no charity donations this year .

Other Items
The last game of the season was attended by 24 members,thanks to Butch and Tim for driving the 2 mini buses up to the game…..

The club has 2 boards which we place in the rear of the mini bus when we go up to the games ,somewhere we have misplaced the one with the 125Years on ..if anyone knows where it is please get in touch Ta.

Please find enclosed new membership form for North Devon Spurs ,please return ASAP and don’t forget you need to get official membership from Spurs to attend games with the club.DON’T FORGET-DO NOT THROW YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD AWAY AS THEY WILL BE USED AGAIN FOR NEXT SEASON.

Fixtures 2011/2012
Once the fixtures are out we will sort out which games to attend.

Goal Time
Congrats to Gary Paine who won the time of the last goalscorer v Birmingham courtesy of “Super Pav” and won £ 32.50

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be on Thursday Aug 4th Many thanks to the 13 members that attended for this AGM meeting.

Behaviour and Conduct
It has been brought to the clubs attention about general behaviour when on the bus going to games ie swearing and such , please remember that there are children on board -Many thanks