Club Meeting – 4 August 2016

The meeting was held on 4 August at The Green Man, Pilton, Barnstaple.

10 members attended.

2016/17 Season

It will be difficult to obtain tickets for matches this season – so expect to be disappointed and do not expect to get the tickets! The club can only apply for 10 tickets for each home game – and there is no guarantee that 10 will be allocated. It may therefore be necessary to try to apply for tickets when they go on sale.

3 members are going to the first game of the season – away to Everton
Application for 10 for the Crystal Palace game resulted in just 4 being allocated.
Liverpool game – 9 were allocated, but only 5 were required in the end so 4 were returned to the club!

Giles will apply for 10 tickets for games – please indicate to Giles if you would like to be considered for any allocated. You may be put into the N Devon Spurs “internal ballot” for tickets should numbers required exceed those allocated to the club.

Champions League

Thanks to Giles for spending 6 hours on the computer obtaining 3 match packages for the Champions League at Wembley. As he could only apply for 10 at a time, he had to complete a purchase and log in again to join the queue. (Tip – log in on two (or three different web browsers at the same time next time!!!)

The cost is £83 and Giles would appreciate the funds as soon as possible Рpreferably payable direct to him rather than the club Рas he paid this on his own credit card.

Exact dates of matches are not yet known but you can see the weeks in which they will be played here: –

Transport will be sorted nearer the time.

There was some interest in possibly attending an away match in the Champions League – this will be considered when the other teams are known.

Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football – get your teams in for the N Devon Spurs League via the Daily Telegraph –

PIN 8044505 PASSCODE 1889

Next meeting Рdate to be advised  at The Green Man, Pilton, Barnstaple